9/10 people miss the dog's bone in the rainy picture within 6 seconds.

They are probably the most fun ways to improve memory, brainpower, and lateral thinking. 

Creative, analytical thinking is needed to solve these puzzles. You won't immediately understand their solutions.  

Scientific research shows they boost mood. Solving them regularly may boost your intelligence. 

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Thus, solve a brainteaser to cheer yourself up or challenge your mind and senses on a bad day.  

Try our intriguing online puzzle instead of looking elsewhere.  Do you feel capable? Honestly, we hope you are! Shall we begin?A boy holds an umbrella open in the rain in the photo above. 

Several cats and two cats huddle near the boy's feet to avoid rain. Dogs are upset because they lost their favorite toy, a bone. 

The bone is hidden in this picture puzzle brain teaser. You must find the bone in time. As stated in the title, this puzzle has a 6-second time limit.  

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