5 alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

People want the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the biggest and most powerful smartphone on the market.   

Samsung's new flagship is one of the best smartphones on the market.  

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is a powerful smartphone with some of the most advanced AI features we've seen, a great camera, and long battery life. Simply put, great.  

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Despite its quality, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is just one of many smartphones you can buy. Many are better, and some may even outperform it.  

What is Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus? The phone made us forget the Galaxy S24 Ultra. After a great review,  

we were ready to put the S24 Ultra at the top of the Samsung pile for another year. We then got the Galaxy S24 Plus.  

Briefly, it's the S24 Ultra stripped of unnecessary features. The Ultra lacks the S Pen and periscope zoom lens, but did you need them?  

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