3 Zodiac Signs Send Lovely Vibes March 3, 2024

Beauty has always been a hot topic. Mercury opposite Lilith on March 3 emphasizes beauty and value.  

The Lilith energy makes us crave more. Since this celestial body opposes Mercury, we don't believe we're exceptional.   

Cancer My favorite irony is that denying the lie reveals your underlying reality. Your truth is that you are gorgeous without approval.  

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Scorpio You emanate attractiveness and appearance. Finding this wonderful doorway leads to other realizations that true beauty cannot be bought or sold.   

Aquarius Your inner beauty is now seen. You radiate beauty and self-love. It's ironic that everyone notices it!  

You to realize that you don't need to join the club or pretend to be welcomed by a group that's made it their business to reject you if you don't meet their standards.  

"Well, have fun with that," you say. "Good talk." You have it all, so you're willing to ignore anyone who judges you on your appearance. So long, fools!  

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