3 Difficult First Date Zodiac Signs

Scorpio You're one of the zodiac's most withdrawn signs, so you usually observe talks.   

You hate small conversations like the weather, new movies, or summer vacation plans since you are a deep thinker in every facet of life.   

Aries While Scorpios struggle to speak, Aries never stop talking. You have trouble letting your date speak because you keep telling stories.  

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When your conversation pauses, you feel anxious and immediately start telling another funny story about your wayward pet or a job disaster.  

If you're passionate about everything from global politics to Beyoncé's latest album, it can be hard to let your date speak out.  

Leo You think the first date is everything—the start of a romantic comedy.   

You easily fall into stereotyped roles and feel forced to behave as your date expects, often telling white lies to look more “interesting.”   

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