17 Seconds to Win! Find the 3 Hidden Animals?

Puzzle and brain teaser fans love seek-and-find puzzles. These visuals focus the mind, making it hard to identify hidden objects/animals.  

This unusual seek-and-find puzzle is the buzz of the town. The image shows a family cleaning a park and collecting waste. Find a fish, rabbit, and squirrel.    

Brains are amazing, digesting massive amounts of information in seconds.   

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However, when a puzzle requires us to find a hidden ingredient in a complicated setting, our brains can become too efficient.   

Can you find the hidden creatures in 17 seconds? Are you ready to test your observation? child or elderly. Lots of things can detract from finding animals.  

The background may camouflage creatures, making things perplexing.How's your search going?   

Turn off distractions: Seek-and-find puzzles require full focus. Focus on this image for a few minutes with your other gadgets silent.  

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